Hooked After the First Chapter

With the issue of global warming becoming much more prominent in today’s society, it’s understandable that many written work with this topic as well as other environmental issue are becoming more commonplace. Being an Ecology and Evolutions major, this blogger has read her fair share of such works and still has many more to read as more facts and research surface. However, no other environmentally-inspired written work has had such an immediate connection between the reader and its content as Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History“.

In this book, Kolbert recounts several tales of her travels around the globe, speaking to many different scientists and researchers about their years of study and experience. Not only about global warming, but other threats that have a high likelihood of human activity being to blame. Things like fungal infections decimating amphibian populations around the world most likely caused by animal trafficking and trade, megafauna extinctions due to both current and primitive human settling and hunting, and more obvious ones like the fragmentation effects from people cutting down portions of forests around the world, especially for rainforests.

However, it’s not just the content of this piece of literature that has readers so enamored, Kolbert herself is a big reason as to why this book is so wonderful. She truly is a remarkable journalist. Her style of writing just begs for the reader’s full attention. This book isn’t just trying to present information towards the reader, it’s trying to have a conversation. One thing readers may notice when reading her first chapter is her constant use of exclamation points. However, this isn’t a bad thing. The way she uses them shows just how enthralled she was while writing and experiencing what she was doing. Even people with little interest in the fate of the environment can’t deny that her writing style has a magnificent charm to it.